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Photographer to Photographer services

Digital Tech - Photo Editor - Retoucher - First Photographic Assistant

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As an assistant (partial List)

Client - - Photographer

New World Pictures "Heathers" Christain Slater and Winona Rider Valerie's Family AKA The Hogan Family Jason Bateman
-- Photographer Michael Paris
Honda - -
Photographer Gil Smith & Co Inc.
Contadina Foods Inc.
Raphs SuperMarkets
- - Photographer Teri Sandison
I.T.C Television Dist.
- - Photographer Timm Thimmes
- - Photographer Tony Garcia
Bexel Corp
- - Photographer Dutch Myers
Broadway Dept Stores
- - Photographer James Atiee
Eveready Batteries
- - Photographer John Lawlor
Airtel Plazza Hotel
- - Photographer Jack Freed
Pinnacle Motor Homes
- - Photographer Frank Bates
Teri Copley
- - Photographer Lennon
- - Photographer Jordan Miller
Shari Belafonte
-- Photographer Mario Casilli
Frederick's of Hollywood
-- Photographer Bret Lopez
-- Photographer Mark Laita
A & J Cases
- - Photographer Sam Epstein

Equipment I have experience with or own.
Strobes - Calumet, Balcar, Norman, Dyna-lite, Speedotron, Photogenic
Cameras- Mamiya, Hasselblad , Nikon, Canon, Minolta/Sony
Computers - Mac's and Mac laptops G3 to Intel
Film Scanners Nikon, Minolta and Imacon
Flatbed scanners Epson and Canon
Light Meters
Sekonic & Minolta
Photoshop Lightroom Ver 1 to 4
Photoshop  Version 4 to CS  5, Photoshop Elements 8 ,Raw Converter,
 Raw/DGN and JPEG files
Plug ins Nik Suite
Visual Infinity (grain surgery)
Alien Skin Exposure 2
Printers - Epson, HP Laser

As a Photographer, I received my A.A. in Business Management from L.A. Valley College in Van Nuys, CA. I have been using Macintosh computers for over 20 years, all the while increasing my expertise in Digital Photography

Tri-Community School of Photography
Certificate of Proficiency December 2006

linked in public profile

Lightroom Version 4 Photoshop version CS 5 Bridge.
Mac Book Pro for location work
Imac for indoor location work I have a transport case.
USB and Firewire card readers. White Balance targets.

Rates are on the PDF download page. Photo-to-Photo services-PDF.
I can e mail you the same document on request..

Lighting Dyna-Lite 800 w/s pack 2 heads stands umbrellas. Soft Boxes Radio Slaves Light meters ( Sekonic & Minolta) Tripods Folding reflectors mounting arms.
Basic BTS photography or video with sony A 77 II Sony and Minolta Lenses.

Assistant Tears and Polaroids

Scroll down for Photos
Apple Mac Book Pro with Lightroom 4 PS CS 5 the Nik suite Wacom tablet.
iMac same software as laptop plus Final Cut Pro
Phase One Capture One Pro Bridge Sony Image data Suite
External hard Drives, Thumb Drives.

McBeth color management tools

Rates $ 25.00 per hour

Retouching samples


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Certificate of Proficiency In Photography Click To View
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Digital tech photo editor retoucher
2010 portrait